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Established by Dr. Sherbyn W. Ostrich in May of 2011, Eagles Peak Animal Clinic was founded on the ideal that all pets should be able to receive the care they deserve without dealing with corporate red tape and unnecessary fees. Though it started out as a small, family-owned clinic, it soon grew into a thriving practice with a passion for providing the best possible care for its patients. Its dedicated team added to its growth and helped it expand to offer rehabilitation services and grooming, as well as small pet store for its clients.

Following Dr. Ostrich’s retirement in May of 2016, the clinic’s ownership transferred to Dr. Mike Nelson, a local veterinarian from Myerstown, Pennsylvania. Today, we at Eagles Peak are proud to say that we remain one of the only family owned clinics in the area. We are committed to offering high quality and gentle care for your pets, and continue to practice under the principles our clinic was founded on. Our team is dedicated to excellence in all veterinary services, and we strive to treat our clients and patients like our family. We invite you to check out our full list of services, and contact us at 610-693-4151 to learn more or to schedule your appointment.



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AAHA Accredited

Eagles Peak is proud to be AAHA accredited. Learn more about what this means and why it is considered the standard of veterinary excellence.

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